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This is a cheaper and simplified version of Micro-Kubik quadruped robot. It only has two servomechanisms per leg, so it has to use a different gait, and can't keep its body level at all times. Then again, four servos fewer mean 1/3 reduction in the cost of parts, less power drain on the battery and smaller chaos with the cables.

Bill of materials

Name Quantity Unit Price Total Price
SG90 microservo 8 $3 $24
Arduino Pro Mini 1 $2 $2
2S LiPo battery 1 $6 $6
Plastic box 1
Goldpins, PCB, Switch, etc. $1
Total $33

Project Status

On hold. While the robot is mechanically complete, I couldn't figure out the math required to actually have legs inverse kinematics. I may come back to it at some point, as there are some optimization algorithms that I could try.